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The Hank Williams Museum

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AAA and Military Discounts 118 Commerce St Montgomery, AL 36104
Learn more about 'The Hank Williams Museum'

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Featured Deal: $40 Voucher to the Hank Williams Museum for ONLY $20! from The Hank Williams Museum *
* Note: This is for a 2-pack of $20 vouchers

We are a favorite destination for fans of the most famous country singer in history. Hank is a treasure to the City of Montgomery and the State of Alabama, and we are paying tribute to the life and accomplishments of this magnificent legend whose name survives in a way that is unique in the history of music. Come and visit the place where the man who left his mark on the Musical world, will inevitably leave his mark on you.

In our 6000 sq ft Museum, we house Hank's 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac in which he made his final journey, along with suits, boots, hats, ties, awards, furniture, horse saddle, portraits, records, albums and more. As you to through the Museum, you will see that all the items are authentic. We are very proud of that!

It's amazing after so many years that there are still things to be said...songs to be sung. Year by year since Hank's death in 1953, the real impact his songs made on American Music becomes more evident. His life-long fans continue and new admirers are added with each generation.

Hank Williams crowded a lot of living into twenty-nine years. It is difficult to understand how a man who possessed such a natural gift could produce this abundance of musical wealth in a few short years with a total disregard for proper rest, relaxation, or moderation, even to the extent of his untimely death.

It is safe to say, perhaps Hank Williams said all he had to say.

and NOW purchase a $40 Hank Williams Museum voucher for only $20. This voucher can be redeemed for 4 tickets for admission at HALF PRICE!!

About The Hank Williams Museum

The Hank Williams Museum houses the most complete collection of Hank Williams' Memorabilia.  The museum is located in downtown Montgomery on 118 Commerce Street.  With 13 years of being in the city, the museum has captured the hearts of many Montgomery residents and even outsiders traveling just to see Hank's 1952 Baby Blue Cadillac.

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